When you look at our “colleagues” – the riders and the trainers club, they have shown that our dressage community needs something, which is not the FEI, to connect them. The IDOC works for all officials involved in dressage. We have the sport and discipline as a common interest, even though we work in different parts of “stage”.

We have to work hard on communication and education, on all levels.

We have to work together, not only with the FEI but also in close connection with the Judge General, to keep the line in judging and stay true to the good system we already have, but we are also obliged to look into other and new ways on how to improve the sport. I think for all officials the welfare of the horse is paramount and it will always be important to work close together with all involved parties to keep up with the highest standards in this regard.

Hans-Christian Matthiesen,
IDOC President